Cam White

Why Your Indicators Are Useless Against The Institutions.

January 2016

95% of active individual traders are getting tricked, trapped and blindsided by institutions — and don’t even know it. Why? Because, even though you have access to the exact same data as the institutions, your indicators blind you to critical intel institutions are basing all their moves on — inside the candles!

When you use indicators — you are in effect putting a blindfold on. This makes you unable to see the order flows of aggressive buyer and seller imbalances and institutional volume that always precede price.

Watch our “5 Keys To Order Flow Trading Success” video now — and you’ll finally understand why you’ve been struggling to enter, place stops and nail your exits with confidence.



Mark Hodge

The Red Dog Reversal

Scott Redler

T3 Live

January 2016

If I could teach every new trader just one technical analysis strategy, it would be the Red Dog Reversal. It is my preferred method for identifying countertrend moves in oversold or overbought stocks, indexes, and ETFs.

Many traders, particularly beginners, are way too aggressive in calling tops and bottoms. The problem is they typically don’t have any real rationale. They’re basically just saying “I’ve got a feeling!” They might as well be at a roulette wheel in Las Vegas.



Sean Jantz

Ten Minute Trading with Minimal Risk and High Rewards

Chris Verhaegh


January 2016

Is it really possible to learn how to trade in ten minutes with minimal risk and high reward? Well yes, it can be. And it’s not just “Buy Low and Sell High”. I have developed a system called the PULSE system that is a highly accurate system for screening and selecting the right weekly options to trade. In this short video, you will quickly discover how the system works.


Darrell Martin

The Psychology of the Zero-Sum Game


Day Trading Psychology

January 2016

Electronic trading platforms supposedly level the playing field, but they actually give new advantages to the larger participants, and to those capable of building trading bots that can identify and exploit certain very short-term advantages in price action.

Zero-sum markets operate on principles that are generally the opposite of what you have been taught in books and courses about equity trading. Accordingly, most of what you know and trust about how markets work will be used against you in this environment. Bottom line, these folks are not trading “the market,” they are trading you.

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